“Evert helped us create messaging to better resonate with high-level executives. We were amazed by his ability to understand our product and industry in such a short period of time. Evert was able to understand the pain points of our target personas and craft specific yet concise messaging to maximize its effectiveness. We loved working with him and would refer him to anyone looking for help with pitching and presentations.”

– Ellia Delmare 
Cofounder, z0Gravity

I’ve had the true pleasure of working with Evert for almost two years, during my experience as a Mentor and Guest Lecturer for his classes. Evert has demonstrated a consistent ability to develop aspiring sales professionals into top-caliber Sales Development Representatives, who will no doubt become the next-generation of outstanding sales leaders. 

I have been fortunate to witness some deeply inspiring personal and professional transformations as a result of Evert’s coaching. Evert knows how to rapidly instill the fundamental sales characteristics and mindset, even for those who begin with zero sales experience. Many of these skills can difficult to teach, such as emotional intelligence, handling rejection, tenacity and grit. Evert's empathic and motivation approach brings out the best in those around him in the shortest timeframe possible. 

Evert's students are able to accelerate their sales acumen and understanding of the sales process as well. Specifically, I've watched them learn master sales qualification, Executive communication, professionalism, key sales technologies/tools, cold calling and objection handling. Impressively, they have done so in a matter of a few weeks, and have immediately stepped into their new organizations and become top performers. 

What I appreciate most about Evert is his demeanor. He is friendly, thoughtful, honest and introspective. He demands excellence and pushes students to reach new heights, without overwhelming or alienating them. Evert is constantly looking to improve and evolve as a coach and is always looking out for new ways to empower student growth. He has strong self-awareness and actively seeks out feedback. I respect how Evert communicated his desire to receive direct and honest feedback about his students, and how quickly he helped them implement it.

– Vince Menon
Enterprise Account Executive, LinkedIn


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“I've worked with several of Evert's students over the last year and a half. He clearly sets a high bar and is highly invested in their success.”

– Alice Yeh 
Senior Account Executive, Google 
Princeton, Wharton School of Business

“I've worked with Evert for a number of years now to train our entrepreneurs in sales. He is professional, an outstanding instructor and results oriented. Sales can be a seemingly daunting but necessary aspect of a business - especially for founding teams. Evert demystifies sales by teaching relevant and practical strategies that are repeatable and scalable.”

– Pashu Dewailly Christensen 
Accelerator Program: Sourcing and Outreach Manager, thcamp



“Evert knows how to train to get results. His students receive a strong foundation in Sales methodologies, tools, and processes that give them a competitive edge. He is professional and proactive. Talend has benefited from an increase in attendance to our events and additional qualified pipeline from the teams he has led.”

– Brent Holloway 
VP of Corporate Sales, Talend 
Co-Author: Sales 2.0

“Evert and I partnered together to teach, coach and train the next generation of technology sales talent at SV Academy. Evert's skill as a teacher, dedication to the students, and passion for coaching were inspiring. He has the unique ability to keep everyone engaged and make complex frameworks appear simple and easy to understand.”

– Jack O’Holleran
CEO of Skale Labs
Former Global Head of Sales at Aktana



“Evert’s presentation to our founders was informative, hands on, and fun! It gave them to tools to use in the real world, and they were able to apply them then and there. His energy when speaking to audiences is contagious, and his approach is truly unique. People left the session feeling fueled to take on the world.”

– Colin Mahin 
Program Manager
NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center